The Men on the Cross – “Where Heroes Lie”

The Men on the Cross – “Where Heroes Lie”


A similar picture of this cross, now a well known Anzac image was originally on the front page of the Sydney Mail and was published on December 1st 1915….. below

where heroes lie

The following story accompanied the photo…

“Where Heroes Lie
This cross, fittingly decorated with a wreath of victory , marks the resting-place of 14 gallant Australians. They were all members of the First Field Company of Engineers, which was the only Sydney unit with the first party that landed near Gaba Tepe on the historic morning of April 25th. The Engineers did admirable work on that fateful day, and ever since have carried out their dangerous and difficult duties in a manner which has elicited warm commendation from the General staff.”

The men whose names are cut on the cross are:


According to an article on 7th October 1916 in The Globe and Sunday Times War Pictorial this cross was erected and the names cut on it by Sapper 149 Charles Akins, an original member who also made the wreath and left it on the cross before he left Gallipoli.
It also mentions ……………………………
Relatives of these soldiers may secure a copy of the photo by communicating with Mrs. Akins, of 30 Burton-street, Darlinghurst, East Sydney”.  

Not all the men named on the cross were actually buried here and as each of their stories unfold it also explains their final day at Gallipoli.
The cross was later considered a memorial cross and this famous Gallipoli image of the cross was later replaced by a new cross and amended to read… “ Unknown Australian Soldier”.

Sources: – NLA, AWM, NAA, 

Cleveland Page photo – Courtesy Catherine Job , Page family collection.

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