“Photo Bomber”- 29 Clarence Lundy – MC & Bar, MID

29 Clarence Robert Collie Lundy " Bob"
29 Clarence Robert Collie Lundy ” Bob”

29 Clarence “Bob” Collie Lundy was not just one of the great young members of the original 1st Field Coy Engineers, he was also ahead of his time….. he pioneered “photo bombing”.

What makes it not only a rare photo of Clarence, but this photo speaks to us, telling us what a character  Clarence  must have been, his proud stance behind the natives, his beaming smile, his hands on his hips and the slight lean to ensure he fits into the frame.

Clarence like the modern “photobomber” clearly had a great sense of fun and displays the Australian character that we don’t often see in war photo’s, but this photo brings a fondness for Clarence Lundy and even a smile to the viewer.

Clarence for some time lived at 2 Kangaroo Street, Manly after the war…..what a great Aussie.


………….Read More on Clarence Lundy

Citation ; AWM Lemnos, Greece. October 1915. Five natives from Egypt laying pipe line during the operations at Gallipoli. At the back on the right is Corporal Bob Lundy, 1st Field Engineers. (Donor E. G. Lloyd)

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