Archival Film – Engineers Moore Park, Sydney


The Australian War Memorial has Archival footage of the Engineers camp at Moore Park, Sydney. Possibly filmed anywhere from late 1915 to early 1916 as still photographs from this footage were published in the “Sydney Mail’, on March 1st, 1916.

The film is in extraordinary condition and captures what it must have been like for the men of the 1st FCE as this was their home up to their embarkation a few months earlier on October 18.

It gives a panoramic view of the Engineers camp and footage of the Engineers marching out of camp with horse-drawn wagons containing pontoon bridge equipment on their way to Centennial Park.

It shows the Engineers constructing the pontoon bridges and rowing them into positions and then tested.  A wooden footbridge is also constructed and showing its complexity. At the end, Signal training using flags, heliograph, telegraph and radio is demonstrated.


Download the Video – Actual Archival Footage




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