” A Fine Body of Men”

One of the most rewarding outcomes in publishing this site has been when family and relatives connected to the “originals” 1st FCE have willingly made contributions and have been kind enough to share a family treasure such as a photo or photos and first hand stories passed down through the generations.

By sharing these most treasured pieces of  family history, it opens the door to new discoveries and the possibility for others to be re-connected to loved ones possibly identified in the photo or a closer connection to the story that may be revealed.

What is hoped from sharing is the possibility that something new and exciting will emerge,  that the past is remembered, the lives of these men is not forgotten, and their lives celebrated and their memory never fades.

Some great photo contributions below are rare and we are definitely in need of assistance in helping to identify the “originals”  in the photos………………… please enjoy


Group - Egypt Shoosmiith Family Private  Collection Copyright©
25 of the “Originals”  – Egypt  Courtesy Gail McLoughlin ” Private Collection”

L – R – 5 in the back row

L-R – 8 Standing 2nd row

L – R  – 7  seated 3rd row  – 3rd from left (Possibly) – 23 Stanley Hense, 5th from left37 Albert Shoosmith

L – R  – 5 seated front row – 2nd from left (Possibly)15 George Bird



Big tent - courtesy "Bob Lundy Private Collection" Copyright©
13 of the “Originals” – courtesy “Bob Lundy Private Collection”


Possibly identified so far :-

Standing Back Row –  5th from left – 234 Archie Bland ,6th from left – possibly 213 Roy Denning  .

SeatedL to R



Courtesy - "Bob Lundy- Private Collection"
Titled  ” Fine body of men” Courtesy – “Bob Lundy- Private Collection”

 22 originals

L -R – 17 Standing – waiting to be identified

L- R 5 Crouching –  waiting to be identified


Photo Acknowledgments and reproduced with kind permission:

1. Gail McLoughlin –  “Albert Shoosmith – “Private Collection”

2. Bruce Hodge – “Bob Lundy – Private Collection”

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