Remembering 50 Lionel George Fuller Burton


Lionel George Fuller Burton

50  Lionel George Fuller Burton

Lionel George Fuller Burton was born in 1895 in Otago New Zealand. Lionel lost both his parents whilst still a young boy.

As a young man Lionel was later under the care and guidance of his famous step-father, Benjamin John Fuller. Lionel had adopted the hyphenated surname of Fuller-Burton and enlisted in the Australian Imperial Forces in 1914.

Lionel was originally wounded along with fellow sapper 234 Archibald Bland at the ” Battle of Pozieres”. Sadly for both men their wounds would prove fatal.

Lionel George Fuller- Burton died on the 25th July 1916 , 100 years ago to this day. He will always be honoured and remembered for his service to the commonwealth and as an original ANZAC.



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