The small town of Bombala, New South Wales in 1930 commemorated ANZAC Day and published a masterpiece of expression that was perfection then and is just as perfect today.


It is well that Australia should have one day in the year set apart as a day for the remembrance of sacrifices made in the Great War by the virile manhood and womanhood of our embryo nation;
of the sadness and sorrow brought to many homes; and of the glorious deeds accomplished by the bravery of those who went from our shores to fight for the freedom which we value so dearly.
And it is fitting that the day chosen should be that day on which so many of our men received their baptism of fire, and attempted that almost impossible task of capturing the Gallipoli Peninsula from the Turks.
So each year we keep the 25th of April as Anzac Day,
a name that will last while Australia remains on the map, and a name of which every’ true Australian must be proud. It is a day of remembrance and thanksgiving.
What memories drifted through the minds of the little band of returned men who marched down our main street on Friday morning last, just fifteen years after the great assault on Gallipoli, No boasters these! What they did in the Great War is not a subject to be touched on lightly. It is over -now and they want to forget.
What thoughts passed through the minds of those whose loved ones made the supreme sacrifice, and who now lie in a foreign land or in our own burial grounds ! That tears dimmed the eyes of some was not surprising, for their memories were burdened with sorrow. Parents paid as well as their sons. Some of them are still paying in sorrow and suffering.
War creates many credits, but it leaves many debits.

Published Bombala Times 2nd May 1930 – The original Author UNKNOWN.… such a shame