The attached document below is courtesy of the Shoosmith Family Collection – And special thanks to Gail McLoughlin who kindly granted permission to have her grandfathers pictures and his copy  of the “Short Account “ made available.

It is  described as a short account of the formation of the 1st Field Engineers from August 19th, 1914  and the Company’s movements up to the final draft and demobilization in 1919.

After the war the 1st FCE had formalised a reunion organisation and Albert and other originals remained close friends and kept in touch with each other. After the war the Engineers had taken the time to prepare and document the movements of the Company and this is a valued copy kept by Albert and passed onto his family.

Recent research has revealed that the “Short Account” was possibly compiled by  2199 Cpl Frank Slee of  the 1st Field Co. 11th Reinf.

Although Frank was not an “original” he enlisted in August 1915 and was an inspiring member of the unit and was later awarded the Military Medal. After the war Frank was on the reunion committee of the 1st FCE.

Albert Shoosmith ” Short Account of the Formation of the 1st FCE ” – click for attachment


Portrait - Courtesy Gail McLoughlin "Private Collection"
  37 Albert Shoosmith

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