LUNDY, Clarence Robert Collie (Captain, b.1895 d.1950), MC (Bar), MID


Photo Courtesy of the " Bob Lundy Private Collection"
Photo Courtesy of the ” Bob Lundy Private Collection”


The following links to the AWM  –  Private Collections of Clarence “Bob” Lundy. A copy of the diaries can be requested and purchased online.

Papers of Captain Clarence Robert Collie Lundy, covering the years 1914-1916. In two diaries, Lundy documents the voyage from Australia; service at Gallipoli (including tunnelling operations); time in England and France during 1916. Other items include citations for MID, Military Cross and Bar for MC; extract from a friend’s letter written after Lundy’s death; service records for Lundy from Army Office and copies of papers relating to Lundy’s interwar work and RAAF duties in Air Training Corps, 1942-1945. – ID number -PR01814

Home Movie  Victory Pacific Day [Sydney]


Sydney, 16 August 1945. Coverage of the Victory in the Pacific celebrations by amateur film maker, Mr Clarence Lundy. Scenes as follows : Flags and the stage at the Domain; Sun Newspaper headline: “Peace. United Nations Lasting Peace”; Crowd at steps of unidentified building; people walking in George Street; wagon piled high with people; a panning shot down a tall building, showing flags and people; Street scenesof vehicles and crowds; WAAAF girls; Man with newspaper; Effigy on building and ticker tape; girls on a tandem bicycle; Lunch scenes; Sailors walking along path; Boy Scouts, Army and Airforce members assembling for march; Aircraft fly over; WAAAFs, Land Army, AWAS, Scouts & marching military bands; Sailors; VADs; Imperial English force members; nurses, crowd in the Domain.

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