“Buck” Weatherilt DCM, MID, Motorcyclist


Portrait of 172 Percy "Buck" Weatherilt
Portrait of 172 Percy “Buck” Weatherilt – DCM,  MID

Buck Weatherilt looked ready to settle down in Australia, he was happily employed, had many new friends since arriving in Sydney from England in 1913 and he was surrounded with his love of motorcycles. His earlier fame and racing days in England, had been reignited in Australia, and in March 1914 he had won the New South Wales 600cc Motorcycle Championship and was looking forward to October 5th when the 1st Australian Grand Prix was scheduled.
On the 21st August 1914  Buck decided his racing days would have to wait, he enlisted in the Australian Imperial Forces and became a member of the 1st Field Company Engineers  and in October 1914 instead of racing in the Grand Prix,  left Australian shores for war……. Like so many men, the life he had, and the life he was planning, was postponed.

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1912 Isle of Man Racing
1912 Isle of Man Racing