29 LUNDY, Clarence Robert Collie – MC & BAR, MID

Photo Courtesy of the
Photo Courtesy of the ” Bob Lundy Private Collection”

29 Clarence Robert Collie Lundy ” Bob”

29 Clarence Robert Lundy who preferred to be called Bob was 19 years old, the son of John and Marion Lundy of Bexley. He was a plumber working in Sydney but was born in the country town of Inverell.

He was an impressive young man, having served as a trainee for 18 months prior to enlistment with the 6th Field Coy. Aust. Engineers and was given the rank of Corporal when he enlisted.

Lundy like many of the other younger men at 19 years old, was in peak condition  He served continuously from the dawn landing at Gallipoli until the evacuation and was never sick or wounded. He was Mentioned in Despatches  for his gallant service.  RCDIG1068464–24-

The following is a short description of what happened to Bob Lundy on landing day, Gallipoli, kindly passed on from his Grandaughter Judy  Slack-Smith………

“Another of his landing at Gallipoli stories………… As Bob went over the edge of the landing craft very early that morning (25th April) his foot became entangled in one of the ropes and he fell head first into the water. The weight of his pack just held him down and he would have drowned except that one of his mates saw him fall and heaved him back upright……… What a loss that would have been! ”   –  Judy Slack- Smith – Grandaughter

He played an important role in the attack on the German officers trench and at that time was NCO sergeant. He would later become a commissioned Lieutenant and was transferred to the 1st Pioneer Battalion and later awarded the Military Cross for his gallant service at the western front. RCDIG1068365–92-

MC + Bar

The Military Cross + BAR – awarded for Conspicuous Gallantry in the face of the enemy.

Clarence was discharged in England and granted a commission in The Indian Army on the 4th April 1918 and was now a commanding officer.

Initially Captain with the 3/34th Royal Sikh Pioneers and later Captain of the 48th Pioneers I.A Allahabad India.

Long after the war he continued his military service abroad in the Indian Army. Worthy of further investigation, in 1921 Clarence married Edith Marjorie Elder in Bombay, India. Records indicate she was the daughter of John Elder.

The following is a transcript of recent correspondence given and with much appreciation and courtesy extended to Judy Slack-Smith – Grandaughter of “Bob” Clarence Lundy.

“My mother, Mrs Elaine Shorter is still alive and aged 90. Her dad ( Bob Lundy) was a real hero to her and we grew up with tales of his life and war effort.
Bob’s father died when he was 2 or 3 and he grew up “under petticoat government” – with just his mum and sister Grace………… It was very difficult to travel anywhere in those days. Grandma(Edith) did have a chaperone and they were married as soon as she arrived by boat.(In India)

They returned to Australia when the first baby was on the way, as they decided that India was not the place to bring up a family. The three girls were Maureen, Marsie and Elaine (my mum) Maureen married Terrence Morrisby and lived at Sandford Tasmania until her death aged 84 on 18/10/2011. (strangely, the same night my father died). Marsie did die in 1953 of breast cancer. Elaine Marion married James Ian Shorter in 1949 and lived west of Narrabri for the rest of their lives. I am one of their five children. My older brother is named Robert after him.

Bob was told when he left the army that he would not live past his 50s! (is that like pointing the bone, or what??) We always thought he died of lung cancer from the smoking promoted by the army, however the Tasmanian relatives believe it was simply the strain on his heart from the war years.
My mother adored him, he sounded like a really great person. I’m sorry I never knew him.”  –  Courtesy of Judy Slack – Smith

The following is a letter in Clarence’s own hand……

leeter from Clarence

In 1930 Clarence and Edith had obviously returned to Australia as records show they were living in Manly at appropriately 2 Kangaroo street. At this time Clarence is now a Municipal Engineer, a position he held with various councils up to 1949 .

In 1949 Clarence and his wife Edith are living in Belmore and two of their three daughters, Marsie Winsome Lundy and Elaine Marion Lundy are also living with them. In this same year both Elaine and Marcie would travel to Tasmania, as it looks like Elaine was to marry a Mr M.Shorter  and Maureen the third daughter was already residing in Tasmania………………

Sadly a short time after Clarence died on the 7th October 1950

The following are transcripts  from the family notices published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

LUNDY Clarence Robert Collie (Bob) (Military Cross and Bar) -October 7 1950 of 57 Etela street Belmore (late 1st Field Coy Engrs 1st Pioneer Batt
ex Capt Indian Army) dearly loved husband of Marjorie dear father of Maureen (Mrs Morrisby) Marsie and Elaine (Mrs Shorter) and loved grandpa of Roslyn.

LUNDY, Clarence Robert Collie (Bob) -O-tobcr 7 1950 of 57 Etela Street Belmore beloved son of Mrs M
Lundy and dear brother of Gracie (Mrs Hodge).
LUNDY Clarence Robert Collie (Bob) -October 7 1950 of 57 Etela Street Belmore dearly loved son In law of Mrs
G M Elder and loved brother in law of Bess Ailsa (Mrs Evans) Jim Evans and Dot and Jack Elder.

He was Privately cremated 10th October 1950 at Woronora Cemetery, NSW.

Edith in 1967 applied for Clarence’s Gallipoli Medal , the following is her letter in her own hand also showing she had moved to Tasmania to be closer with her daughter Maureen.

letter for gallipoli medal 2

Edith Marjorie Lundy died  29th October 1980.

Brass plaque cemetery Edith Marjorie
Courtesy – Roger Clifford – Ancestry.com

The following links to the AWM    –  Private Collections of Clarence “Bob” Lundy. A copy of the diaries can be requested and purchased online.


1. A house on 2 Kangaroo street Manly recently sold for over 2.3 million dollars , how times have changed. (not sure if this is still the original home of Clarence and Edith)

2. Preliminary ancestry research reveals the ancestors of Clarence and Edith are in Tasmania. Daughter Maureen married Terence J Morrisby  and had children. Elaine married and became Elaine Shorter.  Marsie died a spinster in 1953.

3. The Bar to his MC was awarded in Waziristan.

Souces:  AWM, NAA, NLA, Ancestry.com

Photo Of Bob – Courtesy of the “Bob Lundy Private Collection”

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