Researching and discovering the history of the 1st Field Coy. and the “originals” has been made possible by some excellent reference books, the digitisation of Australian war records and newspapers, ancestry records and an ever widening network of internet material.

This project would not be what it is without access to these resources, however the fine detail and personal touches that make this site more meaningful, has been made possible with the help, generosity, contributions and support from family members, friends, researchers and campaigners.

These people have been of great assistance and have truly believed in the spirit of the project and have all willingly and kindly supported the building of this site.

They have played a significant and important part in commemorating and maintaining the memory of the original members of the 1st FCE .


A Special thanks to Jack Moore, son of original sapper 101 John Hoey Moore D.C.M for kindly allowing me to use his images and material from his book “Anzac Jack”- J.H Moore.

Anzacf Jack logo

The full Book is free and available in PDF format and is an excellent read…. please follow this  link

Owen Hughes –  Relative of 108 John Leslie Waters

Dianne Hewson great niece of 132 Alexander Joseph McDonald.

Bruce Hodge – thank you for providing and permitting the use of the Bob Lundy photo Collection , a masterpiece. ( Relative of 29 Clarence Robert “Bob” Lundy)

Judy Slack-Smith grand-daughter of 29 Clarence Robert “Bob” Lundy

Gail McGloughlin -grand-daughter of 37 Albert Shoosmith  – Thank you for sharing some rare photos and family history .

Gail Marks – thank you for sharing your family history. – ( Relative of 146 Edward Frings)

The Johnston family and relatives – 158 Cpl James Johnston

Kaye Johnston Grand daughter of  158 Cpl James Johnston and Mr Ross Wellington for kindly allowing the use of family photos and additional information.

Catherine Job – great niece of 70 Cleveland Page – researcher and campaigner for the memory of the 1st FCE. – Thank you for your great support and great thanks to Sandra Kiris for also sharing photos from the family collection.

Maureen Freeman grand daughter of  149 Charles Akins

Jill Bamforth – grand daughter  167 Albert Currie MM –  (Photo private collection)

Beverly Prior grand daughter of  192 William Irving Phillips – ( Private photo collection)

Tony Tubbenhauer – Son of  140 Ernest Charles Tubbenhauer – (Private photo collection)

Joseph Knight Smith -Vietnam Veteran and ( Relative of 21 Leonard James Gatty)

Scott Wilson – author and fellow researcher – A special thank you for the marvelous and faithfully researched stories he has kindly shared, providing the 139 James Pasfield story and and photos provided by the Pasfield family… Also the author of the 160 Percy Thompson story.

John MacRitchie – Local Studies – Manly Library NSW

Professor John .D. Baird – Contributor

Trevor Lawton – researcher and campaigner for the memory of 1st FCE

John McNamara – 4th Pioneers researcher.

Christopher Sykes (U.K) – the great nephew of Ernest and Frederick Cotterell for his kind contributions and permission to use the family photos for this project.

If I have neglected to acknowledge anyone, it is not intended and simply an oversite and I welcome a reminder and ask for your forgiveness in advance.