39 STOCK, Arthur James

– An elderly Arthur Stock –

39 Arthur James Stock

Arthur James Stock was born in 1895 in Rockdale NSW to parents John Edward Stock and Emily nee Hodges and he had seven siblings. At the time of enlisting he was 19 years old and a carpenter. His older brother , Frederick William Stock who was married also enlisted in January 1916.

Arthur was a robust young man, a Gallipoli landing day veteran who served the entire time at Gallipoli up to the evacuation, suffering only with a case of diarrhea. This type of man was rare and he demonstrated his extraordinary strength and fortitude by also serving the entire time in France from March 1916 through to the Armistice in November 1918.
Perhaps his determination to soldier on for the duration in France was largely due to the death of his brother Frederick on the 25th October 1917 at Ypres.

ccount of his brother's death.
Arthur’s account of his brother’s death.


During his lengthy stay in France Arthur proved once again he was a gutsy young man, determined and reliable. He was promoted to Corporal and vice officer to 20 Alex Finnie, then promoted Sgt vice to 233 Frank Arkinstall and in January 1918 again promoted Sgt. vice to 128 Will Batten. Three outstanding originals Finnie , Batten and Arkinstall all extremely capable men happy to have Arthur by their side.
When the war was over, Arthur took his 1914 furlough in England . Not many of the surviving originals did this, many would return to Australia instead. He was still a young man of 23, perhaps he needed to see that there was more to this world than just war, he had certainly seen his fair share.

Arthur finally returned home to Australia in 1919 and shortly after married Cleonice Ida Dettman in 1919 at Waverley. They were living at Canterbury and Arthur was back at his trade as a carpenter. Sadly Cleo died in 1931. The circumstances of her death at this stage are unknown, however it appears from the family notice inserted in the paper that Arthur and Cleo had children, but no clues as to how many. It is certain however that they had a daughter Gweneth Elizabeth. It was Gweneth who in 1968 would write a letter on behalf of her father applying for his Gallipoli medal.

In Memorium

Published The Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 5 June 1934
STOCK- A tribute of love to the memory of my dear wife and our mother, Cleonice Ida, who departed this life June 5, 1931.
Remembrance. – Inserted by husband and family.

At age 41 Arthur remarried Amy Kathrine McGennisken in 1936 and they were living at 23 Warren Parade Punchbowl .

Little more is known about Arthur Stock at this stage , his full story awaits and judging by the character of this young man, I am sure that there are many interesting chapters to discover about this outstanding ANZAC.

A notice has been placed on Ancestry.com in hope that more information can be forwarded.