237 LlOYD, Evelyn

Searching for a Portrait
Searching for a Portrait


237 (713) Evelyn Lloyd


Lemnos, Greece. October 1915. 1st Section and 2nd Section of 1st Field Company Engineers arriving from Anzac for a spell crossing the shallow arm of Mudros Harbour towards Sarpi Camp. In this way a march of about two miles was saved. Left to right: Spr 108 Walter Stallard, Corporal 66 Norman Masters, Spr 14 Edmond Banks; unidentified; Spr Cole; Spr 176 William Harvey; unidentified; Spr Pat Murray; Spr Roberts; unidentified. (Donor E. G. Lloyd) AWM C04119

The Evelyn Lloyd Collection is a series of photos donated to the Australian War Memorial.  The selection of photos in the public domain are a generous pictorial of the 1st Field Company Engineers. He captured camp life in Egypt and later Lemnos Island 1915, and glimpses of troop and transport movement in Tel el Kebir, North Egypt and Serapeum in early 1916.

It is likely that more photos of Evelyn’s are in the AWM as the official war historian Charles E.W Bean used and acknowledged a photo taken by Evelyn Lloyd in his book, “The Story of ANZAC – Volume II”  attached to Chapter 11 “The German Officers Trench”, another very important chapter in the history of the 1st FCE.

237 (713) Evelyn Lloyd was 31  years old, an electrical engineer , born in Liverpool England, and possibly living in Paddington, Sydney, when he enlisted.

Evelyn’s record  shows he served continuously at Gallipoli,  neither sick or wounded.  He was later wounded in action in France in “The Battle of Pozieres”  on the 23rd July 1916 , a gun shot wound to the buttocks. He was one of many casualties that day and he lost a close mate 234 Archibald Bland.

Casualty List July1916 part 1
1st FCE Casualty List 22nd July to 26th July 1916

Casualty List July1916 part 2

After his recovery  he was then attached as a draftsman to the 1st FCE and temporarily at the base post office in London. In April 1918 he rejoined his unit in the field and would return to Australia on the “Devon”on the 24th November 1918, with fellow originals, 210 Phillip Boardman and 90 George Chisholm.

Very little is known about Evelyn after he returned to Australia. It appears he never married and remained a single man working as a Civil Engineer and living in North Sydney up until his final years which were spent in the Narrabeen War Veterans Home.

Evelyn Lloyd Died in 1963,  age 79.

Evelyn left us a great legacy with a photographic history of the war that helps add so much to the story of the originals 1st FCE.   He had a keen eye, always trying to capture as much in the frame as possible, showing a particular interest in transport and structures, clearly not your typical tourist. Evelyn also captured the original ANZAC photo bomber – see the Bob Lundy story.

One of his most telling photo’s ( see above pic.) is of the sappers returning to Lemnos Island from Gallipoli and walking across the shallow water. Evelyn captured the image of a tired looking troop of men, with heads down,  walking slowly and freely enjoying the open space, a simple luxury not afforded to them while at Gallipoli. This photo from the collection also identifies other originals Stallard, Masters, Banks and Harvey.

Sadly with all the photos and historic moments Evelyn has captured for us to gaze and wonder…. a single photo of Evelyn Lloyd eludes us…….. this is the missing link to his story.

View the photos from the  Evelyn Lloyd – Photo Collection – Courtesy Australian War Memorial


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The Story of ANZAC – Volume II”  attached to Chapter 11 “The German Officers Trench”

Note: There are many more photos of members of the 1st Field Co. Engineers, many unaccredited by the AWM but very likely taken by the great Evelyn Lloyd